Photoshop Elements 21 vs Adobe Photoshop CC subscription

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Re: Photoshop Elements 21 vs Adobe Photoshop CC subscription

JimH123 wrote:

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PSE 21 is on sale right now and I am wondering what are the differences between it and the monthly subscription version of Photoshop CC from Adobe?
For example, is the stacking function the same?
and what about the Sky replacement option?
And other features?

Thank you in advance for your help.

It used to be that Photoshop Elements limited you to 8-bits, including for TIFF files. Maybe this is no longer true? I don't know. Limiting myself to 8-bits would not be something I would want. But if you only shoot JPEGs, maybe it won't matter.

Last time I looked at it (years ago) it had a Levels Adjustment, but no Curves. Again, don't know if this is still the case.

Also, I remember it having less functionality in layers.

The ACR that comes with PSE allows you to edit in 16 bit. But after you then open the image in the PSE editor for further editing, 16 bit support is very limited and you need to change to 8 bit mode for most of the tools and commands to become available.

PSE alone and especially with the very budget friendly optional plug-in Elements+ , which unlocks the many big brother Photoshop features "hidden" in PSE, the app has all the bells and whistles and ticks all the boxes for most hobbyist/enthusiast photographers.

I shoot raw and I am using PSE 2020 with Elements+.

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