Help need a new background!

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Re: Help need a new background!

RayGuselli wrote:

Patsy Murphy wrote:

Regards Patsym

Hi Patsy.
I think this is an exceptional extraction especially the hair on the left of the image as we view it...
Any tips please as to how to get that clean an extraction given how close the original hair colour is to the background.....excellent indeed.
Best wishes Ray

Hi Ray, I didn't use any extraction tool for this particular image, there are far to many colours in the original background. I overlaid a new background texture on top reduced the opacity down until she started to show through, I used a mask to go as close to the edge as I possibly could. I then copied some hair from the right hand side and blended it in onto the left hand side, after that I hand painted some loose strands here and there. Make sure to blur any hair you add. In all honesty Ray I find extractions tools only work on plain backgrounds, the best one's being Midtone grey, and white.

Regards Patsym

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