What PP software are you using?

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Re: What PP software are you using?

QuickSilver7 wrote:

Hi All

I need to replace my antiquated version 4.4 of LR with "something" and now seems the ideal time with BF 'sales'. What do you suggest? I hasten to add that I don't want to get tied in to a subscription model.



Oh boy, which post processing software to use...endless thoughts and ideas out there.  My advice would be to forego any sales right now - download a few, try them out.  Most give a month's free trial and others (like darktable / Rawtherapee) are open source and free.  Figure out which suits you best then purchase during the Christmas/Boxing Day sales or any of the other sales times.

Nothing worse than buying just because of a sale only to find out it doesn't really work for you.

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