Fine art printer 17 or 24 inch to sit idle 6 months a year?

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Re: Fine art printer 17 or 24 inch to sit idle 6 months a year?

It's a luxury problem ...

As said cleaning solution is only economically viable on a printer with small carts (on the printhead) as the PRO-10, PRO-300. You could rinse empty cartridges and fill them with a cleaning solution but this will take you a lot of time (plus resetting the chips or disabling ink monitoring).

But since the printhead is easily removable, maybe the best is to remove the carts and replace the orange clips so they do not dry out.

Afterwards remove the printhead, bath/rinse it first in demineralised water (no tap water) until no color comes out (submerge the head not deeper than the ink inlets).

Bath the printhead afterwards in a solution of 50% isopropanol, let it drip out and stock in a zipper bag or a jar with sealed cover (remaining alcohol will preserve it from fungus etc).

When you come back replace printhead and carts just as you install a new printer.

The printhead is emptied of ink so it cannot dry and clog inside. I always had a spare printer (bought second hand) laid up this way and never had problems reinstalling.

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