Worth getting the Canon R6 for just the f1.8 and f2.0 lenses?

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Re: Worth getting the Canon R6 for just the f1.8 and f2.0 lenses?

thunder storm wrote:

NickZ2016 wrote:

The Nikon 1.8 are S lenses. AKA pro grade. On sale at the moment the 50mm is still more than twice the price of the Canon F/1.8 at full price.

I would pay three or four times the price of a lens like that Nikon f/1.8 for the RF mount.

That RF 50mm f/1.8 has horrible bokeh. It lets in a bit more light than your zoom, and it's compact, and it's affordable. However, you can make a lens affordable, but if it hasn't good bokeh and it hasn't wide open sharpness stretching a bit further than the very very center, any buck on it would be spilled anyway, no matter how low the price would be.

That Nikon f/1.8 is absolutely stellar. With Canon you have to carry a heavy f/1.2 lens to get this quality. With Nikon you can have it in a compact and affordable option.

Yes, I miss that Nikon Z 50mm f/1.8 S.  Fantastic lens when I had it.  Not sure yet I'll buy the RF 50mm f/1.8, though it's quite affordable otherwise.

Hoping Sigma will still come to RF mount with f/1.4 primes in the next year or two.

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