Does the new RF 50mm make the (heavy and expensive) RF 35mm redundant?

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Re: Does the new RF 50mm make the (heavy and expensive) RF 35mm redundant?

sobrien wrote:

DaveyA wrote:

I have ordered the new RF 50mm but wonder if I really can manage without the large and rather heavy 35mm lens? I have the 24 - 105 for general purposes (non professional), and as a carry around combination the RP plus 50mm seems sufficient. Am I wrong?

The RF 35 is neither large or heavy.

And 35mm is a very different focal length to 50mm. For pictures of people, for instance, it allows for more environment to be included (for a given subject size). You can always use your 24-105 for those types of shots but then you won’t have the wide aperture to isolate your subject.

35mm is also arguably more versatile as a single carry around do everything lens. You can also use your 50mm for that but with more restrictions - you mightn’t always have enough space, for instance.

In short, I’m sure you’ll be fine with your combo but don’t rule out getting yourself the small and light RF 35 down the line.

agree, 35mm is also very usable for indoor photos, whereas the 50 can get very tight in an average sized family room.

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