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Re: Cost of Canon lenses

lehill wrote:

Yeah, way back then (~2008) you bought an entry-level camera with a smaller APS-C sensor. The lenses for it are smaller to match the size of the sensor and were designed and priced for consumers.

Now, you just purchased a professional-level camera with a large full-frame sensor. The lenses are larger and of high quality for professional use.

In addition, the entire camera market has shrunk to about 1/8 the size it was when you bought the 1000D. (something around 120 million cameras/year down to 15 million cameras/year). Cellphone cameras are now good enough for most people.

This is an industry-wide trend, not just a Canon trend. If you really need to back out of this, look at Canon's APS-C M-mount cameras for mirrorless (M50, M6, M200, etc) or Canon's APS-C DSLRs (850D, 90D etc). Canon's full-frame DSLRs (5D, 6D) could also be appropriate depending on what lenses you own.

I should add, my 3 lenses have all come from EOS film cameras so they are full frame suitable. They will have to do for now. Replacing them with modern equivalents will be the best part of £3,000. I want to see how these lenses perform, they could be good enough

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