Photography is going backwards!

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Re: Photography is going backwards!

I think there is an element of glass-half-full v glass-half-empty dichotomy in this discussion.   I am on the glass-half-full side.

Ever since my early film days, my objective has been the print I put on my (or someone else's) wall.     The largest I print is 13X19" because that is the size limit of my printer.  Given the limitations of wall space I don't have very many 13X19" prints on the walls.  (Note:  If by someone's standard this print size does not qualify as large enough to be in a discussion about printing large, this is the opportunity to not waste further time on this post).   Thus, there are more 11X14" prints and far more 8X10-8.5X11" prints.    More 11X14" or 13X19" prints on the walls equals fewer 8X10-8.5X11" prints, and we both (the bride, for whose happiness I live) like the variety.    Due to these space constraints, I use frames that just fit the print size, no matting.

My only film frame of reference has been 35mm.      My observation is that the print quality I produce from digital (and not just full frame and/or high megapixel gear) far exceeds what I ever produced with my film gear.     Even after ten+ years of working with digital, this difference is still amazing to me.    To have gotten to this point, photography has to have made tremendous strides forward, and I am a beneficiary.

Photography itself is not going backwards just because many or most practitioners do not choose to exercise the opportunities available.     That is simply an individual choice, and one which I see no need to criticize.   For however many of us who still print our own, we have more capability at our disposal than ever before, and if we do our part, the results are the proof.

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