Nikon D850 and 500mm lens

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Re: Nikon D850 and 500mm lens

T O Shooter wrote:

You can throw the mount off if nothing else. I would recommend against it.

I use a neck strap and hold the lens in my hand by the foot. Sometimes I just carry both of it by holding on to the lens foot. Likely a little risky but it happens from time to time.

Some fellows use a Blackrapids strap on the lens, or on the tripod socket of the body, but there's been a few horror stories on that.

It would depend to some extent what 500 mm lens you have. The 500 f/5.6 PF is much lighter than the f/4, and the former might be carried with the lens attached to the camera. I have an L-plate attached to the camera, which might distribute the weight more evenly across the camera base in the above mentioned case. However, with my own 500 PF with attached RSS replacement foot with an Arca mount, I sometimes carry the assembly with a Black Rapid strap attached to the lens foot (replacement RSS) via an Arca clamp. The same goes for mounting to a tripod or monopod-use the foot, not the camera.

There are many stories of the 500 PF lens detaching from the Nikon foot, and a replacement foot is advisable. If I were shopping for a foot again, I would use a one piece unit such as the Hejnar or Wimberly . The RSS replacement is two piece like the Nikon but hopefully more secure.

I have used the RSS clamp , but the Desmond clamp is much cheaper and seems equally well built but less streamlined because of the two loop openings (see photo on link).

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