Nikon D3500 or Sony A7 III ? (Also Sony A6600 or Nikon Z50) for absolute beginner

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Re: Nikon D3500 or Sony A7 III ? (Also Sony A6600 or Nikon Z50) for absolute beginner

Autonerd wrote:

That's going to require some learning. It's not terribly difficult: First, you need to understand the basics of exposure (aperture and shutter speed) and the effect they have on photos. A lot of people overcomplicate this but it hasn't really changed much in the 170 years or so.

I can see you getting your retaliation in first, in case you get picked up on what you say....

Well, 'exposure' isn't 'aperture and shutter speed', it's aperture shutter speed and scene luminance. Or at least that's what controls it. I know that's probably what you meant to say, but when you tell a beginner that it's just 'aperture and shutter speed', if you miss out the other bit, they're likely to get the wrong idea, whether on not you think that's 'overcomplicated'.

Next step is to learn more about post processing -- that's how you make the photos look better than reality. I find that one a bit intimidating (I grew up in photography in the film era, and still shoot on film) but it's still not terribly difficult.

You missed out processing. You might have been including it in 'post-processing', but it doesn't really fit your description of what 'post processing' is. Your camera can do it for you, just like the minilab used to, but probably it's more useful to learn how to process from raw than to spend your time 'post-processing' from JPEGs.

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