Moon shot with Sigma sd Quattro H and a 135mm lens

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Re: Moon shot with Sigma sd Quattro H and a 135mm lens

furtle wrote:

DavidWright2010 wrote:

furtle wrote:

You're no doubt all done with moon shots and seen every one but here's my effort as a newby to moon photos with an unusual camera for this sort of stuff. It ws a nice crisp early eveining in the UK. Bit of a stretch wih a 135mm lens, so, a lot of cropping!

I was going to congratulate you for a mighty effort with a tiny lens, but then I peeped a bit. Something has gone horribly wrong in the lower left:


Thanks, david. Yes, indeed. The image at 100% crop was passed through AI Gigapixel with a 1.5 'enlargement' and gentle noise and blur adjustment.

Below is a straight 100% crop without any AI Gigapixel. I think the mess on the bottom left is still there. Maybe the lens?

screen grab of that area zoomed in.

Best, Steve

Yes, it's still there.

I was unable to replicate your original result with resize in PS and then Topaz Sharpen AI (which I use often). But as you probably know, Sharpen can fail spectacularly if the noise is too high. Gigapixel probably has the same 'problem'. I've seen crazy 'details' in this area of the Moon on my own shots after AI-stabilize.

I think your lens and image are correct, though. It's just an unhappy result of undersampling complex terrain. I found a higher rez image (Sigma SD1M) of mine (one with a similar phase angle) and down-rezzed to your resolution. I think the details you have are in agreement with actual details.

You can look for yourself (my down-rezzed image on left):


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