Photoshop Elements 21 vs Adobe Photoshop CC subscription

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Re: Photoshop Elements 21 vs Adobe Photoshop CC subscription

Chizuka wrote:


PSE 21 is on sale right now and I am wondering what are the differences between it and the monthly subscription version of Photoshop CC from Adobe?

PSE contains a small fraction of what is in the full CC version; but there are a couple of things it has that CC doesn't.

For raw development the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) module in CC - which is effectively the same as Lightroom - has something like ten times the functionality of the version of ACR in PSE.

The whole point of PSE is that it contains the elements of PS that suit most of the needs of most people. No one ever uses the full capability of the systems they own; what matters is if the system covers the things they do use.

For example, is the stacking function the same?

The same or better ...

and what about the Sky replacement option?


And other features?


Thank you in advance for your help.

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