Canon 90D vs 7D Mark II

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Re: Canon 90D vs 7D Mark II

John Sheehy wrote:

Where the 90D AF slacks off in my opinion is that the 9-point is larger and is a zone, not a one-point with helpers like the 7D2, which can reduce hunting a little compared to single point in some marginal cases. The intelligence for staying on a subject in AIServo with a large zone seems to be more limited on the 90D, especially with subjects that are small in the frame against a busy background, and with less AF points available, a small or thin subject can slip between the AF points more easily, allowing the camera to grab focus on the background more easily.

Thank you for the detailed feedback, John.

I expect to take bird pictures with a busy background and foreground and low light. Do you think that 90D would be vastly inferior to 7D II?

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