Photography is going backwards!

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Re: Photography is going backwards!

Weegee wrote:

So, as a serious photographer and asked to see your work, 90% of your audience will view your work on an iPhone! And, most people always view in the vertical mode!!! So your picture measure 3"X2". Why do we all want 50 mp cameras? It's like cars and horsepower. We love the 700 hp cars but we absolutely can't use them ( except on a race track ). The roads are too crowded and the police are everywhere!

I couldn't care less if everyone in the world except me uses a phone to view images. I will still print large, and want high megapixel and resolution images so I can print large and enjoy the result on a wall or display.

And your statement doesn't even make sense because there are plenty of places to display large prints/files and plenty of people who still like that. Like displaying on your wall, giving a framed print as a gift, and yeah, on a website.

Anyways, high-quality, serious photography is like all refined and serious arts. Its very antithesis is the preference and habits of the majority. Should concert pianists like Daniil Trifonov stop playing Chopin because 90% of the world prefers pop music?

Produce something to YOUR standards, and aim for the quality that makes YOU happy and appeals to YOUR aesthetic. The finer pleasures of life come from pushing such limits.

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