Upgrading my PC

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Re: Upgrading my PC

tkbslc wrote:

Not a big enough jump, IMHO. Going quad core to quad core still.

That's my worry: doing all this and get little improvement. Does more threads not help?

I would go for an intel i5-10400 6 core if you want to stick with integrated graphics and do not play games.

I should look into Intel again, I've been looking at AMD all along.

Aside from noise, you are probably OK with the free coolers that come with the chips unless you try overclocking.

I thought I would OC when I got the i5 2500K but ended up not doing it because I never tried OC before and was hesitant. I MAY this time around, just MAY. But then again I can hold off the cooler and use stock until the time comes.

rest of the parts seem fine. 3400G is good, I just think you'll feel limited with another quad core.

If I moved up to 4600G or 4600GE (if and when they got released for retail) I will get more cores but that means B550 plus different RAMs....etc, and higher costs. Hmmm.

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