Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

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Re: Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

Image quality-wise, I doubt you are giving up much based on my tests ( of the 24-240 (unfortunately, I don't have the 24-105 f4L). I would expect the 24-105 f4L to probably have better resolution in the corners and any f-number.

The 24-240 is so distorted at the widest end when uncorrected that it is about 1/2 the resolution in the corners. It is amazing how good the image looks corrected by Canon's DPP4 software versus uncorrected (view with Canon's RAW). But after correction it still has good contrast in the corners even at 24mm f4 which means you may not notice the issues much.

The 24-105 f4L also distorts in the corners requiring correction but I don't think it is nearly as severe. Unfortunately, I have not seen a direct comparison between the f4L and the 24-240.

You can expect that an "L" lens will have much better sealing and should be more durable. I will say that the 24-240 feels nice and solid in my hand like a quality lens.

I went straight for the 24-240 and have no temptation to get the 24-105 f4L and don't feel any reason to get the f4L. That said, I would find it hard to swap the f4L and take a trade-in hit to get the 24-240. So as with most of these types of discussions, it seems like a personal decision. Personally, if I was given the choice of both lenses at the same price, I would pick the 24-240 (and I paid a lot less).

BTW, I see no reason for the non-L version compared to the 24-240. It seems redundant except for a very small percentage of money.

One other comment, I have consistently found Canon's DPP4 to be MUCH better at correcting Canon lenses than Photoshop/Lightroom RAW. The "flow" is more of a pain and DPP4 is a lot slower, but the image quality is consistently much better.

In the end, no answer but just some things to think about.

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