For Those Who Ask... Which "Z" Should I Get?

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Re: For Those Who Ask... Which "Z" Should I Get?

I really don't understand why so many of you aren't getting it. Let's put it another way...

Let's say you have a State-Of-The-Art Home Theater consisting of... a 75" OLED 4K TV, a full blown Dolby Atmos Receiver for surround sound, and of course that expensive 4K Blu Ray player.

This system is capable of producing amazing results giving you the theater experience... BUT... you're using some cheap speakers from Walmart.

Yes, folks... the bottom line is the sound. It doesn't matter how good your system is if you're using crap speakers. In which case, you will never realize the full potential of your Home Theater.

Now... the end result is what you hear. As far as our lens discussion, it's what you see.  So, again, it doesn't matter how good your camera is, if your using "walmart" lenses. Got it?

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