Saint Nikon

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also a Patriarch and Metropolitans and Archibishops

Whois wrote:

Today is the feast day of Saint Nikon! In the Eastern Orthodox Church saints have a great importance and each saint has their special day. The 26 of November is Saint Nikon

In addition to Saint Nikon, there was also a Patriarch Nikon, who was the most important figure in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church. He lived in the 1600s. There's quite a lot of scholarship on him.

Another high Russian Orthodox official named Nikon played a small role in the Russian Revolution 250 years later. I can't remember his rank. Maybe a Metropolitan? And there was an Archbishop Nikon in the U.S. in the 20th century; I suspect many Russian Orthodox clergymen adopt the name in honor of either the saint or the Patriarch, or both.

Sometimes Patriarch Nikon will show up randomly in Google searches about the camera company, but it has to be a pretty oddly worded search. I'm prone to those.

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