Which first and ultimate Leica for an average guy?

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Re: Which first and ultimate Leica for an average guy?

ZioPepino wrote:

For me, a great camera is the one you can carry everywhere. I'm looking for one that can be used in most situations, according to my kind of photo: everyday life/street/reportage. I've seen several options and i would like some advice

1-Leica Q: this thing has everything i need except weather sealing that would prevent me to carry it everywhere i want, for real. I love leica optics, this option allows me to have the "feeling" of a leica m body with a wonderful optics. But I'm stuck with 28mm (maybe 35mm with crop mode).

2-Leica SL but can't afford leica optics so i'll probably go with voigtlander optics. Weather sealed, it's great, but a different system/a different feel?

3-I sell everything from my fuji system and buy a leica q2. Has everything that the Leica Q can't offer.

4-Other options?

5-Stop everything and go with a x100v

Thank you very much !!!

A difficult call, and everybody gives their preferences.  Start with a set of simple questions:

-  Can I handle manual focus or is AF a must

-  What do I do with the images? Do I really need a FF sensor?

- Just investigate you images: what is the focal length, I shoot the most? It does not make sense to buy a Q if I am, say a 50mm or 75mm guy

I came from a rangefinder (Contax IIIa) in the 1970s, switched to a SLR and then in 2006 to a Nikon DSLR.  If I would do only landscape, I could go back to a Leica M, but for a general camera I prefer AF with an option for MF.

After some looking into the Leica Q, SL and the new Nikon Zs in 2018, I went for the Leica CL.  What would I personally by today: again a  CL, mayby a CL2 with two minor things improved: (i) whethersealed and (ii) true long time exposure ability since we only get maximum of 30sec in the T mode  (iii) switching off the long time noice reduction - Leica does not have a true bulk mode as you get in other cameras. The T mode has improved in the new M-10R and the SL2, but the Q,SL,M10 etc have really limited long time exposure features.

I would not buy a 35mm camera with AF , since the lenses and the cameras are so bulky and heavy. Only the Q2 would be an option for me but than I am stuck with the 28mm which is an 18mm equivalent in the APS-C world. I know already that I do not like to shoot a 18mm all the time.

The SL and the Q are nice to have, but do not give me any advantage over my CL. The IQ difference is marginal, and the EVF of the CL is superior to the one of the Q, one of many reasons to go for the CL. The lenses are superb. The 18-56mm is underrated and the 1.4/35mm TL is just outstanding.  It is my favorite companion especially indoors, since it is already tack sharp wide open and gives often a much to much shallow DOF.   I do not see the point of buying a bulky heavy 2/50mm SL lens for an SL that gives the same DOF for the double the price and weight. I would end up doing the same as with my Nikon DSLR: leave the camera at home.

For an "average guy" weight is important since it is often the deciding factor whether I take a camera along or just a smartphone.

best of luck


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