Nikon D3500 or Sony A7 III ? (Also Sony A6600 or Nikon Z50) for absolute beginner

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Re: Nikon D3500 or Sony A7 III ? (Also Sony A6600 or Nikon Z50) for absolute beginner

sonic123 wrote:

So my questions are (being that money wouldn't be a problem):

1) Does the Sony A7 III take better photos (better image quality - pro looking photos) than the D3500 or does the D3500 still makes the better photos?

It's the photographers, who are making it look pro. I have seen award winning photos from gears under $400. Having said that D3500 is not in the same league as A7 III and that's why you see the price difference between them.

2) Does the Sony A7 III in "auto mode" could be used by a beginner like me, so I could take good-looking "regular" photos, portrait photos, landscape and sports photos as equal or better than the D3500?

I haven't used the auto modes (intelligent auto and superior auto) in a long time so I can't say. I remember the auto modes in the P&S cameras served me well. I hear good things about Olympus too and it has many smartphone like features. Also lenses play a major role in making the photos superior to smartphones.

3) Could the Nikon Z50 be the sweet spot? Or maybe the Sony A6600/A6100

All 3 are good options. But please keep in mind that the menus in Sony cameras can be daunting for a beginner.

My advice would be to choose a sensor size first.

Good cameras with APS-C sized sensors are XT-3/4, X100V, Sony A6400/A6600

Good cameras with full frame sensors Nikon Z5, Z6, Sony A7 III, A7c, Canon R, R6, RP

Keep in mind that you will also have to buy lenses. It's a better idea to buy a cheap camera with multiple lenses than a more expensive camera with fewer lenses. Lenses for APS-Cs tend to cost less than full frame (there can be some exceptions with older full frame lenses).

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