D750 - max fps with flash?

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Re: D750 - max fps with flash?

As well, off-camera usually allows you to get the light much closer to the subject, hence reducing power demands. Apart from daylight fill flash or a tiny catch light, the only way I'd use on-camera flash is when using bounce flash, again, needing more power.

Agree it's optimistic to expect a vendor to be answering these questions, if nothing else because of battery characteristics, operating temperatures and so on; and because if they did publish even representative real-world measurements, it wouldn't be long before people complained if they weren't achieving that, or else having silly specmanship fights between vendors.

For the OP, can I enquire what your application is? The Rx10 can of course be a fantastic camera for various things, but probably less so when light is a problem.

I take it you're also aware that if you want to use FP mode, you're going to be blowing more power on that too.

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