Minolta SR 20mm vs AF 20mm w LA EA4

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Re: Minolta SR 20mm vs AF 20mm w LA EA4

SimonOL wrote:

Tim Crammond wrote:

Which brings me back to why are the old SR MF models bringing substantially higher prices?

It wouldn't be the only time this has happened. The old Rokkor 35-70mm seems always to be in demand, whereas you can hardly give away the Minolta AF version. The Rokkor was slightly faster (f3.5 vs f4) but I gather the optics were significantly different, and were reputedly used by Leica.

There doesn't seem to be any particular reason attached to why the 20mm Rokkor is generally so much pricier than the AF version, though. At least that I've found.

(incidentally there's nothing wrong with the f4 Minolta 35-70, other than it being a bit of a meh FL on APS-C)

Higher prices for the Rokkor probably have little to do with IQ and more to do with:

- the manual focus lens is easier to adapt - no electronic adapter required ($$$ if you don't already have one).

- the Rokkor can be adapted easily to mirrorless cameras

I would add also collectible aspect of the higher price.

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