Sony should provide clarity about LA-EA5 ASAP

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Re: Sony should provide clarity about LA-EA5 ASAP

mick232 wrote:

Elisam wrote:

mick232 wrote:

So in Germany Sony is now offering the A7iii + free LA-EA5 + €300 cashback + trade in your old camera.

There is just one problem: the LA-EA5 does not fully support the A7iii.

Now would be the time to provide clarity whether firmware updates will enhance LA-EA5 support. So far there are only vague rumors.

Perhaps the LA-EA5 is effectively replacing the 3. So it makes sense that that’s still the one to be given away, even if it doesn’t support certain features on that model. Some lenses specifically support 20fps on the A9, that doesn’t mean that other models are going to get 20fps just because they bundled a lens which supports that feature with it. Hopefully that makes sense?

These deals are specifically designed for those wanting to switch from A to E. An adapter is bundled, and your old camera can be traded in. It does not make sense to leave doubt about support for a large group of A mount lenses.

The point is: nobody expects other cameras to get 20fps via firmware upgrade. But getting full support for the LA-EA5 is something that may or may not happen (and is rumored to happen for some models like A7C and A9), so getting that simple yes/no answer would be quite helpful.

The point is, just because a device has a certain capacity doesn’t mean the other devices that are compatible with it will enable all the features. Just because they are bundled together also doesn’t mean it will be enabled.

They *might* update those cameras but they might not. Purchase based on what is known. I would personally expect full compatibility to come to any of the cameras that don’t at least have the updated Bionz X (6100/6400/7C/A9).

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