Canon 24mm TS-E f3.5L Mark I or Samyang Tilt Shift

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Re: Canon 24mm TS-E f3.5L Mark I or Samyang Tilt Shift

ashton lamont wrote:

I have had the Canon 24mm TS-E Mark One since 2006 but have seldom used it. It cost only £770. In practice I tend to edit files in post to correct converging verticals - which is my main requirement - using the excellent Capture One 20. The bodies are 5DS-R, 5D-IV and 6D-II.

I have read the various reports that the Mark One is inferior to the current version and will be even further relegated by the new RF lenses.

I was about to sell mine to MPB UK because I have such little use for this lens. If I were to replace it I do not want to spend the sort of money needed for the current or RF versions.

Of course the third party lenses from Samyang Rokinon Walimex etc are more affordable.

My question is: variable quality checking by 3rd party manufacturers aside, does my current Canon TS-E 24mm give better results than the more recent 3rd party alternatives? I tend to shoot at f5.6 / f8 rather than wide open and mainly the subjects for this lens are buildings. I would probably do some video with it simply because it can be done rather than that TS-E video is important for me.

Many thanks.

The MK1 shift is pretty mediocre by any standards and the MK2 is night and day difference.  You can get used MK2's for around £1000 if you shop carefully. Due to the optical design of the shift lenses I doubt they will make RF versions as the optics have to be placed a good distance from the sensor to ensure low angles of incidence to the sensor at shift extremes. You won't regret buying the Mk2 and it can also become a very good 35mm shift with the 1.4 III extender.

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