Godox light not firing from GX7

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Re: E-shutter?

technotic wrote:

kli wrote:

technotic wrote:

Does your trigger stick out a little at the back when in the hot shoe?


I think I'm pushing it in as far as it goes but it does protrude a few mm.

Same here. About 2-3mm or 1/8".

I think the camera has an issue and is not communicating with the trigger properly.

Yes, it sounds like there's a foot/hotshoe or camera menu setting issue. It's not an issue with the radio triggering setup if the test button works.

I have wireless set to off in the camera

Have you checked that Flash Mode on the GX7 is set to the lightning bolt icon (flash=ON) and not disabled (lightning bolt/slash circle)? Are you in burst mode?

... The only way I can get the flash to fire when using the camera is to put the trigger into HSS mode but then it does not fire in synch with the shutter correctly. I'm not sure what that signifies.

Sounds to me like there's a non-sync pin miscommunication, but you said misalignment isn't an issue, so maybe there's a broken/dirty/obstructed pin on the transmitter or a broken/dirty/obstructed contact on the hotshoe?

I have a Canon flash and tried that on the GX7 and that does nothing either (manual mode) but I don't know if they are compatible.

Actually, it should fire in manual mode. I used to use my 580EX II in Ext.M. mode on my GX7's hotshoe until the Godox -O gear came along. Yeah, could be your GX7's hotshoe is broken if both the flash and the transmitter aren't working.

Thanks for your replies. I think it must be a defective camera which is a shame. I'm not sure if worth the cost of getting it fixed.

I'll start by admitting I don't know this device, however - if it's this one....


... then there doesn't seem to be any mention of the GX7 in the rather sparse list of compatible Panasonic cameras?

Might be worth contacting the manufacturer?

But it seems you're not the first here to have some issues with the device..



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