For Those Who Ask... Which "Z" Should I Get?

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Re: For Those Who Ask... Which "Z" Should I Get?

1llusive wrote:

Armando Bandero wrote:

Here's the way I see it...

I've seen so many posts asking which camera should I buy? And of course we all want a great camera that's going to give us great pictures. But...

It's not the camera that's going to give you great pictures, it's the lens! The camera you choose is irrelevant.

A Z7 is not necessarily going to produce better pictures than a Z50. Sure, the higher end models may have more "bells and whistles", but that doesn't mean the picture quality is going to be any better. It all comes down to the "glass".

Whether you put a 50mm f1.8 S lens on a Z50, Z5, Z6 or Z7... the results are going to be equally impressive, picture quality wise.

Now, if money is no object... go for the best... otherwise, get a Z50 or Z5 and put the money into the glass.

The bottom line is... the results you get come from the glass you use, not the camera.

You choose the body based on your needs.

For example, a sports photographer is not going to choose a Z 5.

This is true.  But it doesn't matter how great that camera may be for shooting sports if you're going to use it with crap lenses.  So, the point I'm trying to make is, if your lens sucks, so does your pictures, which has nothing to do with what camera you're using.

Again, it's all about the lens.

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