Please treat the hosts well.

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Re: Please treat the hosts well.

JahnG wrote:

It seems that "By Standing..." has disappeared totally from DPR, even his "name" has disappeared from older finished challenges. So we have again lost a host The old hypothesis, the more complaining, the less remaining hosts, has once again been proved.

Even if I haven't always agreed with this host, and have rarely attended his challenges, I must say I have highly admired his energy and his ability to create interesting "out of the box" challenges!

I'm pretty new to the challenge scene (did my first entry and had my first disqualification this month!) but I have to say I was pretty turned off by what I perceived as a gender bias in his challenges. One challenge I can understand -- "Show me a woman by a lake." But a SERIES of challenges in which only photos of males were sought, and pictures in which the gender isn't clear being disqualified? Sorry, but that's just creepy.

Regarding the lack of hosts -- I'll put my $$ where my mouth is and sign up as a challenge host. I already spend too much time in the forums when I should be working...


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