Upgrading from Nikon D610 -> D850/Z7

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Re: Upgrading from Nikon D610 -> D850/Z7

I made a bigger jump from a D700 (12mp) to a D800e (36mp).  I found the extra resolution highly addictive.  It provides amazing detail.

When the D810 came out, I got one of those to make a better 2-camera pairing than the D700/D800e pair.   It was a much better pairing, and about that time I got a dive housing for the D810 and started diving with it.  Underwater photography is challenging in a number of ways, and I really started appreciating every last bit of dynamic range.  I learned to shoot as much as possible at ISO 64 (with dual strobes) so as to have the most latitude in post-processing.  I found that latitude goes away very fast as the ISO goes up.

I also appreciated the 36mp more and more, partly because I crop heavily.  Some of the cropping is to eliminate poor corners, a common underwater issue.  Some of it is because I can only get so close to critters, and part of that is that I only have access to two lenses for underwater, a 105vr and or a 16-35.  It's a common wildlife scenario - you just don't have 'enough lens'.  I crop shamelessly, and that's including doing it for the web.  It's a form of flexibility to have a camera capable of doing that.

I don't know what it will be like to jump from a decent 24mp camera.  My jump was bigger and more noticeable.  After 4 years of shooting the D810 underwater I took the D850 last year.  The jump there was much smaller, but noticeable.  Biggest difference was in the faster, more capable autofocus, which let me get shots I was missing with the D810.  The extra resolution didn't hurt, but wasn't all that noticeable.  There was a small increase in dynamic range, and you can feel every little bit there when you are pushing hard in post-processing.

Video - I have no experience with a Z7, and very little for video on the D850.  But when I tried video, I found the autofocus to be pretty much unusable in challenging situations.  I would think the Z cameras have to be better there.

I can tell you that a D850 is likely to feel a lot faster than a D610, and probably heavier.

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