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Re: Sanity check

Autonerd wrote:

FingerPainter wrote:

Would you agree that a system reset puts the camera into manual ISO, probably at ISO 100, and set to take JPEGs, not RAW?

No, a settings reset on a Sony 6000 puts the camera in bounded ISO auto mode (i.e. where user sets upper and lower bounds) with a range of 100 to 3200. It does set the camera to take JPGs in "fine" mode.

Thanks for this. I guess I've never done a system reset on an a6000.

I did a settings reset, and in P mode, indoor (late afternoon sun and one incandescent lamp), it went for ISO 2500-3200, f/4-4.5, 1/30-1/60.

So two stops darker than what i estimated for a better-lit room. Sounds about right. I'm going to have to apologize to


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