EF to RF adapter with Arca Swiss foot

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Re: EF to RF adapter with Arca Swiss foot

robgendreau wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:

I see a few adapters with a tripod foot but the only descriptions I can get is that they can have an A/S plate screwed to it.

An adapter with an integral A/S foot and even a rotating collar seems a great idea for the RF and other mirrorless bodies.

I like the idea of taking the torsional forces off the mount when heavier lenses are mounted. I use the 17TS-E and the 11-24 and the latter is especially heavy when mounted on the R5 with an adapter.

Does anyone know of a decent quality adapter like this?

I haven't seen one, but I wouldn't want one either as it would possibly be too big for some lenses. So I'd want to remove it anyway. I suppose it could have a quick release like some feet for tripod collars, but unscrewed an arca plate is pretty quick and easy and flexible.

It could be designed like the EF-EOS M adapter, which features a removable tripod foot. I'm surprised that Canon did not add a screw hole at the bottom of the "plain" mount adapter where a tripod foot could be added. (A foot is not possible on the control ring adapter as the ring and the foot would physically interfere with each other.)

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