Snapbridge on iPhone Need Cell Service to Function?

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OP Eagle11 New Member • Posts: 15
Re: Snapbridge on iPhone Need Cell Service to Function?

WPMChan wrote:

No. Snapbridge works on my tablet without cell service.

It sounds pretty slick.

My first time out with it my geotags were up to two hundred feet off on a medium accuracy setting.  It will get me back to the approximate area, but not nearly as accurate as an external GPS device.

I'm going to switch to high accuracy and see what happens.  Do you happen to know what triggers Snapbridge to push updated location data to the camera - time or distance?  I've read that some think time and some think distance.  Distance would make more sense to me and explain why my geotags were off.

I'm also wondering if I need to manually push the GPS data to the camera sometimes from the Snapbridge app to make sure the location data is current.

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