Pentax K-1 II (or successor) vs Fuji X-T4

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Re: Pentax K-1 II (or successor) vs Fuji X-T4

I don't think the DPReview comparison tool does the K-1ii justice. Not sure why.

I'd pick the X-T4 over the K-1ii for action or AF for sure. But OTOH if one likes an OVF the K-1ii rules. And it's still one of the best sensors for DR; look over at photons to photos.

But where the K-1ii really excels is landscape. Short of a medium frame, it really is one of the best. And with pixel shift it can compete with MF. One needs static images, or the ability to stack to remove motion artifacts, but still, it's amazing. And there's no better landscape night camera—no one has anything like Astrotracer. Indeed, fewer cameras sport even GPS these days, and the K-1ii also has great night lights for operation and some of the best weatherproofing out there. For a night oriented review,

As for the K-3iii, we'll see. Meanwhile, the XT-4 is a great camera. Hard to go wrong.

I like Pentax lenses as well, and like that some old model lenses are still some of the best out there, like the 31mm even, or older 50mms. The new 85mm is fantastic. It's true though that one can use these lenses on mirrorless with adapters, but not usually with the same functionality of the Pentax bodies.

So the Pentax is also very good for a retro-type DSLR experience; sort of like how the Fujifilm cameras are that way with mirrorless. I can see why it would be tough making the choices. I've often thought Pentax wants to go kind of niche as Fujifilm does. They even both have rangefinder type cameras in the X100 and GR (well, parent company Ricoh anyway).

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