Last Gasp for P600?

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Re: Looks like air in your ink feed lines/printhead

Petruska wrote:

You need to run many manual cleaning cycles and even then it may not remove the air. The only way to remove the air properly is to run the WICreset appInk Charge cycle, and again there is no guarantee the air will be removed. The app is free and the Ink Charge will work for free. The P600 is difficult to remove air.

Bob P.

Took several attempts to prime but it finally did it and first nozzle check was really bad, estimated 50% clog over all colors with third color (LC) being best and first (yellow) worst but not a huge difference. In fact priming made almost no difference from nozzle check performed just prior to initial purge prime.

I am beginning to think I may have a bad pump or some other hardware issue.

When I tried to purge with after market carts, error message said carts were emtpy, put in original carts that came with printer and same error message. Put back in the same aftermarket carts and it primed/charged but still very poor nozzle chack pattern.

Sure doesn't seem/feel/taste like a clog or air bubble problem to me but open to expreienced advice.

Oh, BTW I have run, just today, several cleaning cycles with never an improvement, sometimes worse.

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