Nikon Ain't Dyin

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Interesting, and the comments, taken together, prove the point, I think.

Technically, I think they have not been stronger, relatively, since the 1980es. They have 'always' been lagging behind here and there, I have never seen them so uniformly close to the front. And Nikon must be close to the ultimate 'fail-and-survive' company. Last failure was to focus on 1" mirrorless, and come way too late to the party in FF ML. But now they are there, too. An earlier major failure was the lack of FF DSLRs. Enter the D3 and the D700...

But they may well sink - that will, it now seems, mostly be for non-technical mistakes they refuse to correct. Thom Hogan ( points out:

"What I do worry about, and have pointed out for dozens of years now, is that Nikon has never embraced the customer in the high enthusiast/pro camera market. By embrace, I mean engage in meaningful communication with them, and treat them well. Like customers you want to keep selling to over time. This is a friction against their continued success, and it needs to stop. Nikon is still operating on 1950's IBM-style management advice, and it shows."

I'd like to add the narrow-sighted attitude towards 3rd party vendors, and the almost complete lack of interest in a 2020es software-oriented ecosystem: Nikon makes very good tools, but keep on insisting on an extensive control of how you use them. Nikon desperately needs to embrace the Open Source philosophy.

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