More test shots (globbies and aphid)

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Re: More test shots (globbies and aphid)

macrouser wrote:

Still amazing


The aphid looks like a new born.

Actually, on reflection, I wonder if it is an aphid. I was going by the two protuberances on its rear end. But do only aphids have those? I have no idea. I have put an observation on iSpot so hopefully they will tell me what it is.

Do you know anything about what spring tails eat?

Here at wikipedia it says:

They are omnivores.

Specific feeding strategies and mechanisms are employed to match specific niches. Herbivorous and detritivorous species fragment biological material present in soil and leaf litter, supporting decomposition and increasing the availability of nutrients for various species of microbes and fungi. Carnivorous species maintain populations of small invertebrates such as nematodes, rotifers, and other collembolan species. Springtails commonly consume fungal hyphae and spores, but also have been found to consume plant material and pollen, animal remains, colloidal materials, minerals and bacteria.

I have just learned that wood fly or lice are good guys that eat things like fungal spores. We have them in Australia but little is known about them. They are not flies because they have two pair of wings.

Banana fly

They are Family Neriidae.

Wikipedia says (I don't have a clue) that Neriidae are true flies, Diptera. (link)

Interesting shape it has. Well done getting a photo of it.

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