EM-5 III display electronic level AND ISO?

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Re: EM-5 III display electronic level AND ISO?

pula58 wrote:

I have not figured out how to have the rear display show the electronic level AND the ISO (at the same time). Has anyone figured-out how to do this ? I can get one or the other (by cycling through the 4 different "info" views) , but not both at once.



Just turned on my camera to see if I could help you and what did I see on the LCD? ISO and  Level! A miracle! Let me see how...

my exact settings, most will probably have no affect, I hope they help...

Menu -> Custom ->

D1 Info Settings -> LV-Info
    [X] Image Only
    [  ] Custom1        -- I'm sure it would work if the Custom2 settings were applied to 1
    [X] Custom2
        [X] Histogram
        [  ] Highlights & Shadows
        [X] Level Gauge

D3 Grid Settings
    Apply Settings to EVF  On

I EVF Style 3
I Info Settings
    [X] Basic Information
    [X] Custom1
        [  ] Histogram
        [X] Highlight & Shadow
        [X] Level Gauge
    [  ] Custom2

Hmmm, I just discovered that, with EVF Style 3, the Custom1 settings aren't used but instead echo the LCD.

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