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Re: Capture one 21 - upgrade or subscription

jhorse wrote:

Clive99 wrote:

I've been using capture one Fuji for a few years now. I really like it. Just went to the website to upgrade and noticed a few things:

  • Upgrade price has increased pretty significantly
  • They now have versions for Sony, Fuji and Nikon - there's no longer a significant price discount for the Fuji's pretty slight.
  • The upgrade price is now about 20% more than the subscription price. Given that Capture one seems to have a new release yearly, if you plan on consistently upgrading, that's not a very good deal.

My question is: There are discounts on now - I see a discount on the subscription (perhaps) because I already have a license and for black friday - so it looks like a pretty good deal. If I subscribe now, will it auto-renew in a year at the full price or does it auto-renew at the discounted price?? I have an innate distrust of auto-renew subscription software because most products seem to renew at the full/inflated price. Don't want to have to cancel each year just before renewal:)

Perhaps someone with a subscription could answer. Thanks!

The question about Phase One's subscription price policy is timely and very relevant. I bought the Fuji C1/20 last Spring at a good discount, which I think was circa 25%. I paid this as an annual fee.

My understanding for the opaque cost policy, which I am unable to verify with Phase One, is that the discount only applies to one's first year.

When my subscription is due for (auto-) renewal in April, I fully expect the fee to return to the full, non discounted price.

If anyone else can shed light on this I too would be grateful.

Yes, that's my suspicion too. I'm leaning towards paying the extra money for the upgrade because I doubt I'd get a discounted price on renewal. There's 30% off both right now.

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