Currently Pentax K-7 and few lenses - what now ?

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Re: Currently Pentax K-7 and few lenses - what now ?

Szalik wrote:

Hi everyone

I have a dilemma now.

Many years ago I have bought Pentax K-7 DSLR + with time some Lenses: DA 55-300

Tamron 90mm Macro, Tamron 24-70 and Fish Eye.

Now I have a stinker what to buy. My Pentax is barely coping in low light situations and looks like sensor got old as well I need something with better image quality.

Ideally I would like something small which I could carry with me all the time, maybe even in pocket. This would mean I will have to sell all my lenses and try to go to new system- but what should I buy ? My budget is max 1500 USD plus from lenses maybe I would get 600 USD. So I need a camera with at least one good lens for start for 2000 USD.

Or better option would be to stay with Pentax and just buy the KP model ?

K-1 is to expensive for me and K-3 you can't buy anymore

This post had K-1 written all over it until that last sentece.

The 24-70 (2.8?) is an amazing lens on FF, very practical and with the SR of the K-1, you won't need a tripod until your exposures get longer than a full second.

The Tamron 90 is also FF

As for the 55-300, you can use it in crop mode, not a big deal

So maybe you can stretch for the K1(ii) it really is worth it. Sell the old K7 if you have to.

What do you think ?

In pocket? No system camera fits in pocket any more, woth that the Pentax Q is gone. If you want in pocket, it's either the Ricoh GR or your phone....

If video and AF speed are important to you, you might want to wait for the K3iii.

I you want mirrorless, you'll have to change systems, but with the K1ii currently at 1800 brand new with no need to change lenses, you're not going to get anything better.

Otherwise the KP.

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