Can anyone explain this ... ?

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Re: Can anyone explain this ... ?

lrcphoto wrote:

I've just started dabbling with astrophotography using the XT1 and 56mm and had no problems with manual focus. Last night I thought I'd give the 18-135 a go. So I'm in live view, focus, take a shot, then review to check focus. When I go back to live view the focus point has shifted. While it was near the infinity mark originally, its shifted to around the 10metre mark!

If I just shoot without reviewing then the focus point doesn't shift but obviously that's not much use with astrophotography. I've scoured the setup menus but there's nothing obvious there that I can see.

Any thoughts anyone, or is this just a "feature" of this lens? None of my other lenses to this - 16, 35, 56, 100-400.

It's probably not related, but I had another AF problem with the 18-135 on my X-T20. Doesn't happen with my other lenses (18-55, 56/1.2). I still have the problem, pretty much preventing me from trying out back-button focusing.

Maybe check if you have the latest firmware for both the camera and lens?

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