Pentax K-1 II (or successor) vs Fuji X-T4

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Re: Pentax K-1 II (or successor) vs Fuji X-T4

Mark Sloe wrote:

choose with your heart rather than head, i do not think you can go wrong with either.

k-1ii will have better image quality than x-t4 - higher resolution with more than twice as large sensor will allow you to capture significantly more detail. on top of that, you will get higher dynamic range and better high iso performance. purely for photography, k-1 (ii) is still a killer camera and the entire system with lenses is an excellent value for money, if you do not require top of the class autofocus for fast action. on video front it falls behind the mirrorless competition. people are concerned about the future of pentax, but i would not worry too much, they will be around for some time. i would personally go with k-1 mark i, but they are difficult to come by.

x-t4 is a lovely camera, i had fuji x-h1 in the past and really liked it. x-t4 will give you excellent video capabilities, features like eye af, generally better, more flexible af system and ultimately a smaller package to carry around. fuji glass is generally very good and they recently opened the x-mount to third party manufacturers, so there will be plenty to choose from. image quality is definitely sufficient unless you stretch the print too much.

if autofocus is not your top priority, have a look at the x-h1. it has a larger, stronger body, better grip, two axis tilt screen (which some prefer to fully articulating screen), dampened mechanical shutter, nice top lcd screen, image stabilisation, reasonable video spec and it can be had for half the price of x-t4.

I did research the X-H1, but I think I'd rather wait for the X-H2 and hope for some cool innovation and features.

I know there's no such thing as the perfect camera, but I'm trying my best to make my future upgrade from my Canon 60D as best as possible for me.

With that said, there are some features I have become accustomed to using the Nikon D7000 (two years) and the current 60D (since 2013), like top-plate LCD, articulated screen (although I'd prefer a simpler tilting screen), good viewfinder, and long battery life. On the other hand, I crave features like auto-ISO, good live-view functionality, forward&rear exposure control dials, and the most bang for the buck in the form of features (after all, if I pay over 1000€ for a dedicated camera, I kinda have high expectations).

To me, the problem with the vast majority of mirrorless is the lack of top-plate LCD as well as battery life. It's a shame the Fuji X-H1 is the only one including amongst the rest of the Fujis. However, I'm willing to ignore them for the smaller size and great live-view functionality. And yet, the smaller size is not that of a deal-breaker.

The Pentax is not perfect, though. As you mentioned, their AF is not the best at moment, quite the contrary. I'm hoping the new K-3 III (and hopefully a new K-1 III) brings a much-needed upgrade in that regard. I'm not talking about eye-AF and object tracking AF, though; I'm referring to fast and accurate AF, something the 60D is not very good at. Eye-AF and subject tracking are nice features but not essential to me.

I also like dedicated buttons very much. That's why I like both Fuji and Pentax over Canon and even Nikon; there's something about their ergonomy that I really like, especially the Pentax.

I like video but more on the amateur side, not on the pro aspect. I'd be happy with good auto-focus during video, something that I loath on my 60D and which forces me to manually focus using the back LCD, which is a pain and very inaccurate... The Fuji, as you mentioned, is a no-brainer on that aspect, but I kinda hope the new Pentax K-3 III at least reaches Fuji AF quality. Hope springs eternal...

I'm not a fan of fullframe ecosystem pricing, it's just too high, especially the lenses. The Pentax FF, however, has a great price for what it is compared to the

I mentioned earlier the future X-H2 because, as the X-H1 on its time, it should be one of the most advanced dedicated cameras of all time. However, its size and especially price will rival most fullframe options, which is a pity, because then I'd wonder "What if I had chosen a FF instead? How much am I missing? Did I misspent my money?"

So, as you can see, it is indeed a tough choice for me... :/ I'll wait for the next evolution of cameras to make a final decision. So, to sum up, at this stage, my main choices are:

- As the mirrorless without top-plate LCD: Fuji X-T5

- As the mirrorless with a top-palte LCD: Fuji X-H2

- As the crop sensor "classic" choice: Pentax K-3 III

- As the fullframe "classic" choice: Pentax K-1 III

I have a lot to look forward to in the world of photography.

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