D750 - max fps with flash?

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Re: D750 - max fps with flash?

Some info, all at M 1/64 no FP mode. On a D750 in manual everything.

SB800 with 5th battery, Godox TT685N, both with slightly used eneloops.

SB800 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CL - 1.0 fps, seems continuous

CH initial - 13 frames at 5.8 fps

CH subsequent - 1.7 fps, seems continuous

TT685N >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CL - 1.0 fps, seems continuous

CH initial - 12 frames at 5.7 fps

CH subsequent - 1.6 fps, seems continuous

On Camera Flash >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Manual shutter, as fast as it will fire - 16 frames at 1.9 fps

after this - protection mode - gap of 14 seconds or more thereafter.


I was pleasantly surprised with how well the on-camera flash managed actually, though once it got into protection mode, it's dire. I imagine that any flash will go into protection mode if continuous flash persisted too long.

Of course, if the flash power increases, then recycle times are going to be more significant, as is the protection mode constraint. That would particularly apply to the on-camera flash for example as daylight fill. The limited power of the on-camera flash is also why it's not able to support FP/HSS mode. It is a shame it doesn't even do this in commander mode with minimum flash output.

If recycle times become a constraint, obviously there are many options with more powerful/expensive/lion strobes and external battery packs. Personally, the sb800/tt685n do me just fine, but this will be application dependent.

I don't think your question about TTL makes sense in a way - all that's doing is picking the appropriate level of light output to suit exposure. And the Godox X-Pro can convert TTL settings into manual. Obviously, the more power you're taking, the worse recycling gets.

I quite agree with the frustrations of not having decent flash recycle/rapid shooting options. My rx100 drives me mad on that score, particularly since it doesn't even have a hot shoe or easy way of remote triggering - gah!

The other aspect of Fx over a 1" sensor is of course that you can operate at higher iso with much less noise than the 1" sensor, which greatly benefits from extra light, if you really knew that you were going to need low recycle times you can do that with the Fx, and hence reduce flash power with iso. In fact, speed of all operations is something that Fx wins out with, and if getting paid, I'd choose it any day over an rx10 unless there was some special application for that.

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