More test shots (globbies and aphid)

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More test shots (globbies and aphid)

These are from a test session today when I was trying out f-numbers of around f/36 at around 6X magnification (so effective f-numbers of around f/250. I have been trying to establish a baseline for shots at this sort of magnification that gives as much depth of field as possible (just) before the images become unusable because of the increasing diffraction softening as apertures get smaller. I had to throw out all the images from two previous test sessions because they were unmanageably soft. I think these may be just about usable. (Whether you think that, or whether I think that tomorrow, or next week, is another matter:-D).

The springtails were probably 2mm or so long. The aphid was rather smaller. Less the 1mm I think.

These were captured hand-held using a Sony A7ii with two 2X teleconverters and a Laowa 100mm 2X macro lens, and a Venus Optics KX800 twin flash. The raw files were processed using DXO PhotoLab, Adobe Lightroom and Topaz DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI.









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