The Lens That Delivers The Goods

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Re: The Lens That Delivers The Goods

ProDude wrote:

Many of us who have been at this for a while (say at least 20 or more years) we've become quite accustomed to seeing the ever changing landscape of models released. Time was that a given new model would come out say about every 2 years. Now it's anywhere from 6 months to a year. Tough on my VISA card to say the least I have little doubt the R1 will be another ground breaking technological wonder. However one has to ask themselves..........what am I NOT able to do with my current camera......what is it doing that annoys me and makes me want to switch.

Once those questions are answered it becomes a lot easier to part with the $$$. The last time I parted with the R5's amount of cost was when the original 1D was released (If I recall it was at least $4500). Now these days I actually make money more often off my gear so it's a tad more justifiable, but still it's never an easy decision. The R5 was about the easiest decision I've made on a camera body in that 20 years. The other changes I made were more emotional then as one said "need". The R5 thus far ticks all the boxes of what I want to accomplish with a camera body.

That said I don't believe I'll be one motivated to move to a R1 since shooting speeds aren't my priority as it is for so very many. And I don't see anyone complaining about focus speeds and lock capabilities. It's already like having a "nightscope" as it sees in the dark. So to this point I have no complaints or issues as some may have. Now it's time to belly up and start getting my RF lenses all appointed this next year. Just a few more and I should be there......I think:-P

What the R5 actually needs is some more features through FW updates if you ask me. 
20 fps is more than enough for pretty much everyone. Heck 12 fps with electronic first curtain shutter is more than enough for most. Issue I have is that in e-shutter mode we only have 1 or 20 fps and nothing in between. 
I only really need mechanical shutter when I want to maximise DR, or eliminate rolling shutter. I would be shooting in electronic most 70-80 percent of the time since it pretty much eliminates wear and tear. Canon should release a FW update for...

1. Other fps speeds in silent mode.

2. More resolution options for RAW, like MRAW, since we don't always need a 45 MP file.

3. More customisability for buttons. Don't get me wrong I am happy pretty much with the R5's controls. But at times it is a little strange why we can't customise the camera more. Like why is the Multifunction assignment global? Why can't I assign one button to a set of multiple functions and other to another set?

4. The option to shoot stopped down. Sony forces you to do this. Canon focuses wide open and only stops down to take the shot. But we know from video regarding that it can shoot stopped down in video mode.

5. Maybe we can squeeze more out of the battery with better power management algorythms. I find power is the only real point that the R5 needs to really work on.

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