Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

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Re: Best Sony camera for adapted lenses?

SimonOL wrote:

kwahaus wrote:

SimonOL wrote:

The biggest downside of the A7Rii is the magnified view when manual focusing. It is much less clear when the subject is perfectly focused. The A7ii is superior in that respect but not as good in almost every other area.

Not sure I understand this. Why would the magnified view be "much less clear" on the A7R2? According to the specs on DPR, the viewfinder resolution of the A7R2 is a tiny bit more on the A72 (2,359,296 vs 2,359,000 while the LCD resolution is a bit less — 1,228,800 vs 1,230,000?

Are you primarily using the LCD to find focus?

I use the EVF 99% of the time. The lack clarity of the magnified view, particularly the first level of magnification, on the A7Rii effects the EVF more so than the LCD.

I don't know why this would be as the magnified view on the A7ii was very good IMO, as it was on the NEX-7. Having used these cameras extensively with manual focus lenses, this minor issue with the A7rii does exist for whatever reason and was quite noticeable when I switched from one camera to the other. I have read about this from other users on this forum (mentioned in passing as part of a larger topic like here ) so I don't think it's a problem with my particular camera.

Don't read into this that it's impossible to see when a lens is focussed, it's just not as clear on the A7Rii compared directly with the A7ii.

I find the 1st magnify on A7ii to be perfect. The problem is the 11.7x 2nd level is really dealing with individual photosites, so color and contrast get obliterated. So it's more often choosing which pattern of aliasing I like more.

I wish there would be some Creative Magnify modes, where I'd get the 4 corners in view, for example, or could select two windows and get a split view, to be able to do on static shots, a handheld composition that is almost perfect.

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