The Lens That Delivers The Goods

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Many of us who have been at this for a while (say at least 20 or more years) we've become quite accustomed to seeing the ever changing landscape of models released. Time was that a given new model would come out say about every 2 years. Now it's anywhere from 6 months to a year. Tough on my VISA card to say the least  I have little doubt the R1 will be another ground breaking technological wonder. However one has to ask themselves..........what am I NOT able to do with my current camera......what is it doing that annoys me and makes me want to switch.

Once those questions are answered it becomes a lot easier to part with the $$$. The last time I parted with the R5's amount of cost was when the original 1D was released (If I recall it was at least $4500). Now these days I actually make money more often off my gear so it's a tad more justifiable, but still it's never an easy decision. The R5 was about the easiest decision I've made on a camera body in that 20 years. The other changes I made were more emotional then as one said "need". The R5 thus far ticks all the boxes of what I want to accomplish with a camera body.

That said I don't believe I'll be one motivated to move to a R1 since shooting speeds aren't my priority as it is for so very many. And I don't see anyone complaining about focus speeds and lock capabilities. It's already like having a "nightscope" as it sees in the dark. So to this point I have no complaints or issues as some may have. Now it's time to belly up and start getting my RF lenses all appointed this next year. Just a few more and I should be there......I think:-P

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