USB charging on m43 - falling behind ...

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USB charging on m43 - falling behind ...

I typically travel with 2 or even 3 camera bodies. Keeping batteries and chargers for the different cameras is always a PITA. Typically each has a different battery type and associated charger.

I started to see if it is easier to try and charge all my camera batteries via USB-C which appears to be the standard for most electronics going forward. This would help simplify things and also works well for me as I often camp in areas without power and have 2 lithium battery power stations (think something the size of a small lunch box, not the tiny things that top off your phone charge) that have USB-C and USB-A ports.

Besides my m43 gear I have a Canon R & RP. Thankfully both of these support USB-C charging so I can leave chargers for both at home and only need a standard UBS-C cable.

Then I started to look at my m43 cameras and see if I could do likewise with them. I have several bought over many years (GM1, EPL7, EM10 III, GX9, G9). Not surprisingly the older ones like the GM1 and EPL7 don't support any sort of USB charging. I was expecting that. Now the others have all surprised me and not in a good way. The EM10 III does support any sort of USB charging and being a fairly recent camera it should have had this feature. The G9 uses the weird USB-3 plug and the GX9 uses a micro-USB plug. Both of these are not standards that are in wide use and I don't see being used at all going forward. That would mean 2 extra cables that aren't very standard would have to be brought along. Also even with the appropriate cables these cameras are going to charge much slower than using USB-C.

Just frustrating. I was wondering if any m43 cameras can charge via USB-C and wasn't able to find any. Apparently Oly and Panny are still using the USB-3 and micro-USB ports on their newest cameras they have produced. In some ways I'm not surprised as neither is really investing in m43, but it is annoying never the less.

A quick check revealed that Canon, Sony, Nikon and Fuji cameras are all using USB-C ports for charging in their cameras.

I guess it isn't just the sensor that is getting left behind in m43 cameras.

Just frustrating and one more sign m43 is in trouble. A small thing for sure, but I just see no reason for it other than the manufacturers unwillingness to keep their products current with the technology of the day.

As soon as Covid clears up (I'm in the US and it's raging like a wildfire) I plan on doing a lot of traveling and camping. Seems like my m43 cameras will get left behind. Will probably bring the GM1 as it is tiny and serves a role none of my other cameras can fill.

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