Wigeons: American and Eurasian

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I photographed these at Colusa NWR over the past two week. I was surprised to see the reddish wigeon, and had to look him up. It's a Eurasian Wigeon and the thinking on at least one account of info is they find their way over to the American continent from Siberia. Also they can be found in pockets around Canada and the US. It's OK, pretty duck, he can stay as far as I am concerned!

Comments welcome, Dave

Very nice shots! As I see you prefer Sony over D850. Is it so better?

Thanks Greyser!

Not to offend anyone but this is my opinion...

Not sure if I favor the Sony over the D850. I still have a D850 and the 500 PF and some assorted lenses. The D850 is hard to beat and sometimes I wonder why I went all in with Sony. But here are my thoughts from using the Sonys for the past few months:

The Sony 600mm f4 GM lens is a jewel. Lighter and better balanced than the Nikon 600mm f4. Most of my images are now hand held with the 600 f4. And I am not a young man (71).

The teleconverters for the Sony lenses seem to be sharper in my opinion. The Nikon 2X converter was poor, but the Sony 2X is really decent.

The Sony 200-600 is a shorter, lighter alternative to the 600 f4 and I find it nearly as sharp as the the 600 primes. Great price and great optics.

The viewfinders are nice as they are WYSIWYG. I have the back wheel customized so I can see the highlights in the viewfinder and can adjust the wheel to minimize blown out whites.

What I do not like about the Sony: I do not know if it is because I used Nikon and Canon for years but aligning the lens to camera or lens to converter mounting dots seem to be difficult, made even more as they are usually white and difficult for me to see.

Also the controls feel cluttered. Difficult to get my finger in to push the lens release button on the Sony bodies. The FN switch above the back wheel is a problem for me as I accidentally hit it and change settings too easily.

Menus of the Sony do not bother me, I have played with them enough to be able to go directly to what I need to adjust.

Nikon D850: built like a tank. I like the 500PF on it. I like the ability to focus stack. I still like optical viewfinders...

My advice is Sony is nice, but not sure if it is all worth the change from Nikon. If Nikon can put out a Z camera and match the lenses of the Sony, I would change back to only Nikon.


Thank you, Dave, for very detailed and informative observation. I assume you're also satisfied with Sony AF.

Three years ago I left Pentax land through quite painful dump of 5 bodies and about 20 lenses and switched to Nikon not even for better tracking, but mostly for reliable instant AF target acquisition. Nowadays I shoot two great action DSLRs: D500 and D850 (still prefer shooting APS-C on daily basis) with Sigma 500/4 and 500/5.6 PF. And I doubt that I'm going to drop Nikon brand soon. However, I keep an eye on Z developments. Recent update to the Z-lens roadmap shows two interesting long tele offerings: 400mm and 600mm. And I think it might be very possible that at least 600mm will be PF design, once rumored to be developed for Nikon DSLRs.



Thanks SG, I had the D500, sold it, kept the D850. seems every time I only took one body it was the D850. Also kept the 500 PF, which, as you know is a marvel.

I am satisfied with the Sony. But it is highly customizable and every time I go out I return and review the cameras and change something in the customization that I found annoying.

One of the great things about the Sony is that it really AF tracks well.  Sometimes it just seems tenacious in grabbing on to the subject and not letting go.

But I shot Nikon back in the F and FE days and it just feels right!

Take care, Dave

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