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1. What lenses do you use the least?  For me, the 70-200g gets very little use because it's normally replaced in my travel bag with an 80-400g.  My travel kit biases toward focal range flexibility and consists of 16-35, 24-70vr and 80-400g.   I use the 70-200 about once a year.  I'm intrigued by the new 70-200 but can't justify upgrading a lens I barely touch.

2. With that set of lenses, if you haven't already got a wide lens, you're probably not much of a wide shooting anyway.  I usually find 24mm is wide enough and too wide for most portraits.

3. If you do a lot of portraits and give up the 85mm, were you planning on using the 70-200 to cover the shorter portrait focal lengths, or just back up to the point you can use the 105?  It seems to me that selling the 85 would put a big hole where you have a need.  When I do portraits (traditionally in my 'garage studio' for Thanksgiving, I use my 85mm most of the time, and a 50mm when shooting pairs.  I don't have much room to back up and couldn't make much use of a 105 except for head shots.

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