Canon Pro-4100 with internal densitometer: Sufficient for ICC profiles?

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Re: Canon Pro-4100 with internal densitometer: Sufficient for ICC profiles?

This calibration has a number of purposes but creating ICC profiles is not one of them.

What this does is to ensure that your printer can accurately use an ICC profile made from another calibrated machine.

So once a machine is calibrated  (every machine SHOULD be calibrated prior to making profiles) it return the machine to a known and REPEATABLE condition. The profiles made on this machine and thus the output will be identical to other machines that are also calibrated and using the same profiles and requisite conditions.

The other reasons calibration is necessary is because 1. Inks can vary in how they "jet" from batch to batch and causes slight changes in printed output. The pigments can also slightly vary from batch to batch. Papers can also vary from batch to batch. Finally, as the printhead wears, its output can also vary. You should periodically recalibrate each time you replace a tank but not immediately. Its effects will not be felt until the new incoming ink has mixed sufficiently with the internal tanks.

So calibration takes care of all those above issues in one fell swoop.

Finally, if you were to have to replace a printhead. You can replace it yourself and using the correct inks and paper, with one press of a button, the machine will return to factory setting. For the person truly interested in this kind of accuracy this is excellent. Ask any Epson Service Center whether they can restore a printer to factory specs and listen carefully to the answer...provided you know the question to ask...Calibration on an Epson is a lengthy, precise drawn out process and most places and not equipped nor capable of performing it.

Just as a comparison, once experienced with profiles, you know that technically each time you receive a new ink ( even one tank) or batch of papers, the ICC profiles drift a bit should it not be identical to what it was before. This eliminates that technicality.

Enjoy your 4100. It is a technical masterpiece.

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