RX1Rii users: does the ZX1 look like an upgrade?

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Re: RX1Rii users: does the ZX1 look like an upgrade?

tbcass wrote:

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tbcass wrote:

The 2 cameras are so different that I don't think they are comparable. As DPR describes it

"Zeiss needed to do something a little different; instead of being mostly a phone that has some extra camera bits on it, the ZX1 is perhaps best thought of as a camera with some phone bits built in (like another old-timer, the Nikon S800c)."

That's just how much of Andorid is surfaced (I believe the Sony cameras also use an Android foundation). They're both fixed lens FF compacts with Zeiss 35mm f/2 lenses, and a rather dated specification.

I will say that being the old fashioned person I am the ZX 1 interface turns me off so if I was to choose between the two the RX1R would be my obvious choice. From my POV the ZX1 is an inferior camera and a downgrade. I like buttons and wheels.

I 100% agree. If I had to choose between these outdated cameras, I'd choose the RX1Rii every time.

The mandatory use of a touch screen for basic controls in such an expensive pro camera just seems completely wrong. It was OK in the cheap, entry-level Canon G9X, but not in the ZX1. And it's nice if the touch screen complements physical controls, but it shouldn't be the only interface to even basic controls in a camera like that.

I have to wonder if there has been a long debate in Zeiss about whether it was worth releasing at all, or if it should just be written off as a failed idea. Maybe the guy blocking the release left?

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